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I’m Watching You



Induced Perception Photography

I’ve recently came across some “induced perception” photos, and decided to create some of my own, with the help of my little bro 😉

It’s just a start… looking forward to making more!


2 3 4


Beyond Bars – Giza Zoo

I hadn’t been to the Zoo in Giza (City next to Cairo, where the Pyramids are!) since Primary school, even though my Uni was right opposite to it for 4 entire years! Only a couple of days ago I grabbed my stuff and decided to go for a quick look 🙂

DSC04777Sad Eyes! DSC04693Keeping guard.DSC04757I’m Watching you!DSC04649Forever in Love 😀DSC04730


Shadows on the Road

Shadows 1

Brighton – UK

Shadows 2

Cambridge – on top of the small hill that overlooks the city

Shadows 3

Cambridge – uk

Shadows 4

Greater London on a snowy night… a snow fight followed right after 😀



In Memory of my Late Grandma

TeitaAccording to Egyptian Tradition, the 40th day after a late person’s funeral is a day of remembrance. Today is my sweet grandma’s 40th… and I’ve worked on this one here in her memory… I really miss every thing about her… but knowing how much she suffered especially in the past year and a half, its comforting to know she’s in a happier place 🙂

I had actually seen a photo of an old lady with a similar “effect” about 7 or 8 months ago when I was still in London. So when I came back to Cairo I made a point of taking good shots of grandma so as to try it out and only today I dug them out and selected a good one and here you go! 🙂

I just miss her… RIP.



An afternoon in Brighton

You know you’ve reached Brighton when the sounds of seagulls greet you at the entrance of the city 🙂
Brighton 1

Brighton Marina

Brighton 2

Brighton Marina. It does really look lovely from up here.
Brighton 3

A windmill we found while cycling along a passage that went all along the sea shore.
Brighton 4

Them British clouds, can’t be more dense than close to the sea!

Brighton 7

My First time to touch British waters… or pebbles for the matter… loved the colors, hated how tough they were to walk on. (was wearing tight socks before this pic was taken, which may explain the tight rims around my ankles :$ )

Brighton 5

I do have a thing for taking pictures of shadows 😀



Street Performers – Overexposure

I was playing around with photo overexposure.. I don’t think it suites everything but I did like it when it came to street performers!

Street Performers in Europe have always fascinated me… the creativity and talent! Never seen performances like that on normal Cairo streets.

St Performers Overexp1

LondonTrafalgar Square next to the National Gallery Museum
St Performers Overexp2


London – Trafalgar square, right in front of the National Gallery.  You might have seen him if you pass there often enough.

St Performers Overexp3

Canterbury – Close to Canterbury Cathedral. The city is famous for its University and you could find many young street performers in its narrow streets on a sunny Saturday afternoon.


St Performers Overexp4

London – Millennium Bridge, right underneath, in front of the Tate Modern.
St Performers Overexp5
Canterbury – In front of Nando’s.


So.. which is your favorite? Personally I like them all, but the Cello Lady is my fave 🙂

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