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Beyond Bars – Giza Zoo

I hadn’t been to the Zoo in Giza (City next to Cairo, where the Pyramids are!) since Primary school, even though my Uni was right opposite to it for 4 entire years! Only a couple of days ago I grabbed my stuff and decided to go for a quick look πŸ™‚

DSC04777Sad Eyes!Β DSC04693Keeping guard.DSC04757I’m Watching you!DSC04649Forever in Love πŸ˜€DSC04730



An afternoon in Brighton

You know you’ve reached Brighton when the sounds of seagulls greet you at the entrance of the city πŸ™‚
Brighton 1

Brighton Marina

Brighton 2

Brighton Marina. It does really look lovely from up here.
Brighton 3

A windmill we found while cycling along a passage that went all along the sea shore.
Brighton 4

Them British clouds, can’t be more dense than close to the sea!

Brighton 7

My First time to touch British waters… or pebbles for the matter… loved the colors, hated how tough they were to walk on. (was wearing tight socks before this pic was taken, which may explain the tight rims around my ankles :$ )

Brighton 5

I do have a thing for taking pictures of shadows πŸ˜€


Lovely Lantana

DSC01717Something about Lantanas brings me back to my childhood… I used to love picking them up from random bushes in the street and then picking each tiny flower on its own. Β Their colors are so attractive against the sun!


Violet Beauty



Cairo Sunset

Cairo SunsetIn the midst of all the chaos… clear skies, bright orange sunset… Cairo Twilight is simply unbeatable πŸ™‚



Spring Daisies

Some things in nature are simply pretty to look at.

Some things in nature are simply pretty to look at.


Lunch Time