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Shadows on the Road

Shadows 1

Brighton – UK

Shadows 2

Cambridge – on top of the small hill that overlooks the city

Shadows 3

Cambridge – uk

Shadows 4

Greater London on a snowy night… a snow fight followed right after 😀




In Memory of my Late Grandma

TeitaAccording to Egyptian Tradition, the 40th day after a late person’s funeral is a day of remembrance. Today is my sweet grandma’s 40th… and I’ve worked on this one here in her memory… I really miss every thing about her… but knowing how much she suffered especially in the past year and a half, its comforting to know she’s in a happier place 🙂

I had actually seen a photo of an old lady with a similar “effect” about 7 or 8 months ago when I was still in London. So when I came back to Cairo I made a point of taking good shots of grandma so as to try it out and only today I dug them out and selected a good one and here you go! 🙂

I just miss her… RIP.



DSC03132Watching little kids at play… pure innocence in a messed up world.


Take me Somewhere I’ve never been!

DSC03450Take me somewhere I’ve never been, be it a rein-forest in Brasil, or the top of a Czech building in Prague… just take me there.


Covent Garden Day ‘n Night – Abstract

gridThe idea was to go out there and get some  abstract photos to merge up together into one full grid.  These two grids are simply Covent Garden windows, the top one being by Day and the bottom one being by Night. I just love how colorful they are!! So attractive to passers-by.
night grid

Shy one

DSC02734Shy Horse.. wouldn’t look out of his window.


Sneaky Li’l one!

DSC02881Sneaky little Matrioshka posing for the photo!

playing with my camera in dim light 😉